POM sheet processing
POM sheet processing
POM sheet processing
Jun 10, 2019
  • Several process methods and problems have arisen in processing:

    1. Method: The vise is lightly clamped outside the plate, and processed quickly according to the normal amount of knife. Problem: The measurement size on the workbench meets the requirements, basically in the middle, and the workbench is taken after the completion.

    2. Method: glue paste workbench
    Problem: The amount of knife is eaten, the cutting speed is slowed down, the size after processing is relatively stable, and there is some change in the approaching difference, but the deformation is small, the subsequent troubles come, the glue sticks everywhere, even on the workpiece. Can't be removed, wipe with a scouring pad, wipe it, the surface of the workpiece is spent, white is done, and another piece is made again.

    Summary: I thought that a good workpiece was made. As a result, I encountered various problems in the processing, and the trouble was constant. Because the first time I made the workpiece of this material, the experience was not enough. Fortunately, it was barely made, the process needed. Improvement, the wrong process is used on the wrong material, it will only lead to more trouble.

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