ESD POM C [antistatic]
ESD POM C [antistatic]
ESD POM C [antistatic]
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  • Based on POM-H raw material, it is a polyoxymethylene electrostatic discharge material, which is very suitable for fixtures in the processing of silicon wafers or manufacturing sensitive electronic components, including hard disk drives and printed circuit boards.

  • It has good comprehensive performance and is the hardest in thermoplastics. It is one of the most closely related mechanical properties of plastic materials. Its tensile strength, flexural strength, fatigue strength, wear resistance and electrical properties are very high. Excellent, can be used for a long time between -40 degrees and -100 degrees.

  • Surface resistivity: 10 - 10 Ω /sq
    Maximum operating temperature: 107 °C

  • Features: Permanent and stable anti-static properties, good formability and surface appearance, and environmental protection.

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