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  • POM sheet (polyoxymethylene sheet) English name Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as the racing plate. It is made by high-temperature extrusion of high-viscosity Duracon M25-44 or China Yuntianhua M25 plastic particles through extruders to obtain plates of different thicknesses and bars of different diameters. It is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with high viscosity, high melting point and high crystallinity.

  • Material characteristics: Due to the increasing demand for precision processed products and large-scale materials in China, the labor cost has increased rapidly. However, there is a need to complete a large number of products without any operation. Therefore, the requirements for materials are less deformed and the processability is excellent. The company is constantly pursuing. Good forming method and tempering process, and jointly developed a low deformation grade Micro--POM sheet. If you have the above pain points during processing, we highly recommend this grade of POM sheet and POM rod.

  • Low deformation
    High temperature resistance
    Easy processing
    high viscosity

  • Advantage:

  • 1.The raw material granules are high-viscosity and weather-resistant resin of DURACON POM M25-44, which is dissolved in 2.5. Or China Yuntianhua M25 grade is specially equipped with masterbatch.

  • 2.For plastics, the degree of thermal expansion is more than 20 times that of metal. Therefore, we need to carry out internal stress treatment on the material. The nitriding treatment furnace is made by the annealing process optimized by HKUST Materials Research Institute.

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