PI [Polyimide]
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  • Product characteristics: Characteristics Aromatic polyimide is a functional engineering plastic with more heat resistance and wear resistance than other engineering plastics. Even at high temperatures, there is little physical property reduction, and because of the excellent environmental properties such as corrosion resistance, it has been used in harsh conditions.

  • The continuous use temperature was 260 ° C and the load bending temperature was 380 ° C. Since there is no melting point, it can be used in a short time at nearly 500 °C.

  • Excellent wear resistance, especially the low friction characteristics under high temperature use, has great advantages compared with all ultra high performance engineering plastics. The probability of outward venting is low.

  • It is mainly used for etching equipment parts of semiconductors because of its excellent corrosion resistance, radioactivity resistance and plasma resistance.

Modified type:

  • Typical representative of the Polyimide plastic series.
    PI-RP380 (Brown): The basic specifications have high mechanical strength and electrical properties.
    PI-RP381 (black): Adds 15% graphite fill specification for wear and heat resistance.
    PI-RP382 (black): Filled with 15% graphite and 10% PTFE to give a lower coefficient of static friction. Suitable for medium temperature environments.
    PI-RP384 (black): Add 40% graphite to fill the smaller expansion coefficient and higher creep resistance.
    PI-RP381S (Black): Added 15% molybdenum disulfide fill specification for frictional sliding requirements in vacuum or inert gas.

  • 纯料PI
  • 改性PI
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