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  • Product Description
  • Product features: special high temperature, pressure-bearing composite insulation, specifications are bar, pipe, profiled and so on. The material performance index satisfies: high temperature resistance (above 175 °C), withstand pressure of 140 MPa, and has excellent mechanical properties and electrical insulation properties under oil, gas, water and other media.

  • Excellent performance: The resin is evenly distributed during processing, and the impregnation is good, and the visual inspection is convenient. (It can be judged by checking the uniform light transmittance of the product). The surface is smooth, the product has high strength, good rigidity, and the core layer is not delaminated by the impact, and has light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibration absorption and energy absorption. In particular, the interlayer void space can be used for leak detection probe installation.

    Compared with chopped strand mat and glass fiber roving, the weight ratio of resin/glass fiber is 40/60 to calculate the weight of the same thickness, and the composite made of glass fiber reinforced material can reduce the weight of the product by 30%-60%.

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